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Available Puppies NOW

Puppy visits are by appointment ONLY

Also, please keep in mind that we do have 5 very active children in multiple activities and work outside our home other then raising puppies, so we may not be able to answer every phone call or email right away. Email and Facebook is the quickest way for me to respond back to you.  Thank you!

Bella x Dakota

Born February 11th, 2019

​Take home starts April 1st, 2019

*Black female: AVAILABLE

*Charcoal female: Jamee E-Paid in full

*1st pick yellow/champagne female: Andrea G-deposit accepted

*2nd pick yellow/champagne female: Kelly M-deposit accepted

*3rd pick yellow/champagne female: NP Gala

*4th pick yellow/champagne female: AVAILABLE

*Black male: Tyler P-deposit accepted

*1st pick yellow/champagne male: Preston W-deposit pending

*2nd pick yellow/champagne male: Katie Y-deposit accepted

*3rd pick yellow/champagne male: AVAILABLE

Aspen x Dakota

​Due April 8th, 2019

Black and yellow

 Non Deposit/Waiting List

I only accept deposits when a puppy is available.



Danette L: Silver female (Lexi)​​​​​

Hannah B: Yellow/champagne female or male (Fall '19)

*Dustin M: Charcoal and chocolate female (same litter) ​​​​​

​*Kaitlin W- Silver male ( Summer '19)​​

*Rob H: Silver female (Lexi)​​

​*Jesus P: Black female

​*Mike C: Chocolate male​​​​

*Maggie M: Silver female​​

*Jody P: Silver or others Female​​​​

*Melinda J: Silver female

​*Erica F: Silver male​ 

*Bailey H: Silver

​*Dawn B: Silver female

​*Angie B: Silver female (Lexi or Marley)​​

​*Rebekah K: Silver female

*Shannon W: Silver female​​

​*Payton H: Chocolate and silver male and female (Same litter)

*Erin N: Silver or charcoal female (Spring '19) 

​*Krissy E: Silver female

​*Cherity K: Silver female

*Renee B: Charcoal female (Spring/summer '19)

*Jesse V: Charcoal male

*Tara R: Charcoal or silver male (Marley x River)

*Katie W: Silver female

*Summer B: Silver or charcoal female (Marley x River)​​​​

*Aaron S: Silver male

​*Lisa W: Silver male

*Rafael H: Silver male

*Jason H: Silver

*Chad K: Lexi litter only

*Stacy H: Silver

*Madison: Silver male

*Cindy S: Silver male

*Todd S: Silver male or female

*Carlie K: Charcoal or silver (spring 2019)

*Karter E: Yellow, chocolate, black female

*Chad-Lisa E: Silver male

*Kari D: Silver male (Spring 2019)

*Christine V: Silver female

​*Angie S: Champagne female​​

​*Jason B: Silver

*Lexie H: Silver

*Owen L

*Jim G: Silver male

*Jacob A: Silver male

*Tara A: Chocolate female

*Misty H: Any female

Ryan S: Chocolate

*Jerry H: Silver male

*Stacey K: Chocolate

​*Matt C: Silver male

*Nikki C

​*Susie W: Silver female (fall 2020)

*AJ Brown: Chocolate male or Lexi male

*Stephanie J: Silver or charcoal male

*Veronica H: Silver female

*Mona K: Yellow male

​*Courtney M: Charcoal female

*Meg Harper: Chocolate or charcoal male

*Jessi K: Yellow/champagne female or black

*Susan M: Silver female

*Alan J: Chocolate or silver male

​*Lydia K: Charcoal or silver male

​*Kane G: Silver female

*Carol B: Silver male or female

*Landon H: Champagne female

*Matthew S: Silver male

*Jordon W: Charcoal male

*Claire K: Chocolate or charcoal male

*Alex S: Chocolate male


***Breeder reserves the right to first pick from any litter for any reason.***