Silver Family Farm Labs

Available Puppies NOW

Aspen x Dakota

​Born August 8th, 2018

​Take home starts September 26th or after.

*Black female: Ranota C.

*​1st pick yellow female: Silver Family Farm Labs​​

*3rd pick yellow male: Peter P

Marley x River

Born September 23rd, 2018

​Take home starts November 11th or after.

*1st pick charcoal female: Ashley P-deposit accepted

*2nd pick charcoal female: Summer S-deposit accepted

*3rd pick charcoal female: Greg D-deposit accepted

1st silver silver female: Amy B-deposit accepted

2nd pick silver female: April B-deposit accepted Paid $500

​Silver male:

​Charcoal male: Taylor M-deposit accepted

 Non Deposit/Waiting List

I only accept deposits when a puppy is available.


Bob A: Silver female

Danette L: Silver female (Lexi) 

*Hannah B: Yellow/Champagne male or female (Summer '18)​​​​​

*Paul H: Charcoal male

*Nikole D: Charcoal female or male (Spring '19)

*Dustin M: Charcoal and chocolate female (same litter) 

*Shandra W: Silver female (Spring '19)

*Melissa K: Black female (Summer 18)​​​​

​*Kaitlin W- Silver male ('19)​​

*Rob H: Silver female (Lexi)

*Kimberly T: Black female​​

​*Jesus P: Black female

*Jamee E: Silver female (Bella x Dakota)

*Melissa K: Black female​​

​*Mike C: Chocolate male​​​​

*Sasha L: Black female

*Maggie M: Silver female

*Jake K: Chocolate Male (Spring '19)

*Jody P: Silver or others Female​​​​

*Melinda J: Silver female

​*Erica F: Chocolate male​ 

*Bailey H: Silver

​*Dawn B: Silver female

​*Angie B: Silver female (Lexi or Marley)​​

*Kimberly T: Black female

​*Rebekah K: Silver female

*Shannon W: Silver female​​

​*Payton H: Chocolate and silver male and female (Same litter)

*Erin N: Silver or charcoal female (Spring '19) 

​*Krissy E: Silver female

​*Cherity K: Silver female

*Renee B: Charcoal female (Spring/summer '19)

*Jesse V: Charcoal male

*Tara R: Charcoal or silver male (Marley x River)

*Katie W: Silver female

*Summer B: Silver or charcoal female (Marley x River)

​*Kelsey B: Silver male

​*Tiffany C: Silver male

​*Krissy E: Silver

*Toni M: Silver male

*William M: Black, Yellow or Chocolate female (Spring '19)

​*Steph L: Silver 

*Dave & Jessy C: Silver or charcoal female

*Aaron S: Silver male

​*Lisa W: Silver male

*Rafael H: Silver male

*Jason H: Silver

*Chad K: Lexi litter only

*Stacy H: Silver

*Madison: Silver male

*Cindy S: Silver male

*Taylor M: Charcoal male or female

*Carlie K: Charcoal or silver (spring 2019)

*Karter E: Yellow, chocolate, black female

*Marcy T: Chocolate, charcoal or silver

*Erika H: Silver, Charcoal or chocolate female

*Chad-Lisa E: Silver male

*Kari D: Silver male (Spring 2019)


***Breeder reserves the right to first pick from any litter for any reason.***