Silver Family Farm Labs

Available Puppies/Waiting List


*New visiting policy*

No visitors allowed for puppy visits due to COVID 19 until further notice.

Also, please keep in mind that we do have 5 very active children in multiple activities and work outside our home other then raising puppies, so we may not be able to answer every phone call or email right away. Email and Facebook is the quickest way for me to respond back to you.  Thank you! 

Willow x Dakota

Born July 27, 2020

Take home starts September 14th, 2020

I will start going down my waiting list in about a week or so.

*Yellow/Champagne Female:

*Yellow/Champagne Female:

*1st pick charcoal male:

*2nd pick charcoal male:

*3rd pick charcoal male:

*1st pick charcoal female:

*2nd pick charcoal female:

*1st pick black female:

*2nd pick black female:

*Black male:



 Non Deposit Waiting List

I only accept deposits when a puppy is available.


Jen Belle: Yellow or Champagne (Bella)

Jesse V: Charcoal male-deposit accepted Spring 2021

Delynn S: Black female-$250 deposit accepted

*Kathy M: Charcoal male-deposit accepted

​*Kaitlin W- Silver male ( Summer '21)​​​​​​ ​​​​

*Ryan May: Champagne (Bella)

*Tara R: Charcoal male (Marley x River)​​

​*Angie S: Champagne female​​​​

​*Matt Cain: Silver or Charcoal (Marley) 2021​​

*Meg Harper: Chocolate or charcoal male (Bella x Dakota)

*Claire K: Chocolate or charcoal male​​​

*Curtis S: Charcoal (late 2020/early 2021)

*Wendy O-Champagne female (Bella x Dakota)​​

*Todd Rozendaal: Chocolate or Black M​​​

*Christy Hailey: Charcoal or Silver F

*Jacob Harman: Black M

*Traci Rood: Black M

*Morgan Nicole Westemeier: Silver F

*Cori Sutherland Wegner: Silver

*A Jermaine Clausell: Chocolate or Black M

*Traci Grivna Rood: Black M​​

​*Kelsie Richardson: Silver

*Lacey Halupnick: Any color not chocolate, silver F

*Travis Lyon: Silver or champagne F

*Candi Beyer-DeGoey: Chocolate M

*Sara Weitl Ferneding: Silver F

​*Chad Eggleston: Yellow M

*Anthony Ortiz: Black prefer M or F

*Tyson N Jesse Branscomb: Silver F full reg​​

*Brittany McCure: Black or Chocolate M

​*Laurie Bence: Black female

​*John McCaw: Silver or champagne F

*Helen Evans: Yellow M or F

*Ellen Boldt: Yellow M

*Cathy Wildes: Silver F

*Scott Holly: Silver F

*Randy Minnich: Yellow F

*Matt Fatka: Yellow M or F

*Matt Anderson: Chocolate or Charcoal M

*Tabitha Lee: Chocolate

​*Cierra Earhart: Silver F

*Scott Richardson: Silver or Charcoal F 2022​​

*Travis Wiederien: Chocolate and Black F

*Jenevre Elizabeth: Silver F

*Edita Omic VanPelt: Black or chocolate F

*Damon Stillman: Charcoal M​​

*Ben Foecke: Silver M (River) 2021

​*Madi Sturm: Chocolate F

*Jennifer Hassebrock: Charcoal M 

​*Jill Marisa: Chocolate M

*Samantha Jankowski: Black M or F

​*Angela Peter: Yellow M

*Kyle Deming: Yellow M

*Jennifer Reynolds Fagan: Chocolate or Yellow F

*Josh Buschling: Black or Silver F

*Dave Huling: Yellow or Silver F

*Katie Smith: Yellow prefer F or M

*Brittani Shogren: Yellow M

*Justin Smith: Black M but might consider others​​ 

*Peter Veren: Black M or F

*Amy Marsh Shera: Silver F

​*Paige France Nightlinger: Silver M

*Meghan Meyer: Silver or Chocolate M or F

*Tom Pekarek: Silver or Yellow M, possible F

*Kristin Westergren Gartrell: Silver F or M

*Pam Stinson Brown: Chocolate, Charcoal or Silver M

*Megan Duwa: Silver or Charcoal F

*Dave Langhurst: Yellow F (Bella x Dakota)

*Jeremy Olsgard: Silver M

​*Shannon Cline Collins: Charcoal M

*Lori Tom Prendergast: Chocolate M

*Heather Dennhardt: Charcoal or Silver M

​*Mike Lee: 

*Nick Inzerello: Chocolate, Silver, Champagne, Yellow F

*Whitney Hodges: Any color except black or yellow M

*Ashley Henry: Chocolate F

*Alicia Stahr: Black or Chocolate F

​*Kendra Duffy: Charcoal, silver, or Champagne M

*Nick Rotenburger: Champagne, Charcoal or Silver F

*Amy Hamilton: Charcoal or Silver F

*Sharon Steckler: Silver F

​*Joan Mundsinger: Silver or Champagne

*Alex DeBoef: Chocolate F

*Shayna Danine Goens: Silver F

*Tyler Kurth: Silver or Charcoal M

*Dana Bartos Ward: Yellow or Black F

​*Jess Anderson: Silver

*Lisa Hemesath Coghill: Black F

*Frank YSilvia

​*Anna Butters: Any color M

*Kara Keogh: Chocolate, Silver or Champagne

​*Elzette Dean: Any color and gender

*Freddie Carlson: Silver or Charcoal M

*Melissa Ingram: Charcoal or Champagne F

*Sara Riley: Silver, Yellow or Champagne M or F

*Laura Dreher: Silver or Chocolate

*Laura Makowski: Silver

*Jerod Gross: Yellow/Champange or any M

*TJ Pratt: Silver M

​*Heather Struble Gentry: Any color and gender

*Stephanie Reynolds: Any color and gender

*Courtney Obadal: Champagne M

*Brenda Nelson: Silver F

*Dana Coleman: Silver M

*Ralph Reed: Silver M

*Lisa Anton: Silver F

*Julie Swingholm Ludwick: Silver F

​*Dakota Noble: Black, Charcoal, Chocolate or any F

​*Scott Enke: Any color F

*Cailyn Haley: Charcoal F

*Katie Sydnes: Any color M

*Silver Linings Stock Farms: Champagne & Silver (Tessa), Charcoal M (Lucy)

*Tara Kettles: Silver M

*Michael Staack: Silver M or F

*Mariah Petheram: Silver, Yellow/Champagne M or F

*Emily Morrell: Silver F

​*Theresa Sheridan: Chocolate or Silver M or F

​*Susan Marsh: Any F

*Kim McGowan McAdams: F

*ReBecca Goens: Charcoal or Silver F

*Shantell Mendes: Any color, any gender

*Kristie Eggleston: Champagne M

*Jenny Andrew: Any color F

*Jon Jorgensen: Silver F

​*Ashley Chernich: Silver F

*Gil Pena: Silver M or F

*Jennifer Andrew: Champage F

​*Rick Dominowski: Chocolate or Charcoal M

*Angie Collett: Chocolate or Champagne M

*Home Kelli King: Silver M

*Cheri Watson Semprini: Yellow M

*Jess Minard: Silver M

*Sara Andre: Charcoal or Champagne

*Bree Kidder: Silver or Charcoal

*Dani Kremer: Silver F

*Crystal Fahrenkampf: Silver F (Mesa)

*Katy Rhodd: M (Marley x River)

*David Bunce: Any color, any gender

*Sally Stoakes: Charcoal F

*Carrie Newell: Chocolate or Silver M

*Heather Bauer: Silver

*Drew Dunkelberger: Charcoal or Silver M

*Lyndsy Jermier: Silver or Charcoal F or M

*Jacob Kaska: Charcoal or Silver

*Kriss Hellvig: Silver M or F

*Parker Blackford: Chocolate or Black, any F

*Vernon Harness Jr.: Chocolate or Silver M

​*Chris Hancock: Yellow or Black M

*Amanda Goetz: Silver F

​*Jen Mittman: Silver F

*Melissa DeGroot: Charcoal or Silver F

*Lori LaKose: Silver M or F

*Jason Jones: Any but no black

*Diana Rozmiarek: Silver F

*Tabitha Gonnerman: Chocolate, Black or Yellow F

*Paige Corcoran: Silver, Charcoal or Yellow M

*Christina Rexer: Chocolate or Silver M

*Bethany Dillon: Chocolate or Charcoal 

*Katie Sawin: Silver

*Meredith Knoklech: Silver

*Beth Eilers: Yellow M (Spring 21)

*Kimberly Eberl Can Byseeum

*Meaghan Cale: Silver, Charcoal or Chocolate M

*Gabie Osborn

​*Kali Lu Rie

*Amber Kay: Yellow M

*Brenda Callahan: Yellow F

*Stephanie Levy: Silver M

​*Stacey Balfour Seymour: Any

*Jim Padilla

*Nate Brower: Silver M

*Will Ryerson

*Jenn Alpers: Charcoal M

​*Megan Lyn: Charcoal M or F

Jenny Oppedahl: 1st or 2nd pick silver M

*Robin Riley: Silver or Black M

*Charlie Duer: Silver M

*Samantha Jankowski: Charcoal M or F

*Darcy Haugen: Chocolate M

*Theresa Lynn Anson Hawthorne: Silver F

*Laura Hilton: Any

*Doug Knutson: Yellow M

*Geogianna Diley: Silver M

*Andrew Martinez: Silver or Chocolate

*Sara Womack: Yellow M

*He Chenguang: Silver or Champagne

​*Marla Kramer

*Leslie Frantum: Male

*Ashley Addison: Charcoal F

*Robin Bea Runde: Champagne M

*Jennifer Hensing Sullivan: Chocolate

*Emma Edwards: Chocolate, Silver or Yellow M 

***Breeder reserves the right to first pick from any litter for any reason.***