Silver Family Farm Labs

Available Puppies NOW

Deposit/Waiting List


*Mallory R: Silver

*Stephanie G: Summer '18

*Tara K: Silver female (Lexi)

*Mary S: Chocolate female

*Hilary A: Silver male-2017 Lexi x River

Danette L: Silver female (Lexi)

*Adam V: Charcoal male

*Solomon B: Charcoal male 

*Zach H: Silver female-Spring '18

*Elizabeth B: Charcoal male

*Nikole D: Charcoal female

*Joshua G: Silver male (Summer '18)

*Hannah B: Yellow/Champagne male or female (Summer '18)

*Chrissy C: Silver female from Dakota

*Jen J: Silver male

*Kelli & TJ L: All colors but black or light yellow female

*Becky L: Black, chocolate or yellow female (Summer/Fall '18)

*Jennifer S: Charcoal female

*Karen E: Silver female

*Adam S: Silver female

*Michael H: Silver male or female

*Shannon C: Silver from River

*Khael R: Yellow female

*Emma R: Silver or charcoal male

*Karlee K: Silver female

*Jennifer L: Silver female

*Lisa E: Silver from Lexi x River

*Brian J: Silver female from Lexi

*Tracy Y: First pick silver male

*Jeffery T: Silver female

*Madi J: Silver male (Spring '18)

*Amy B: Silver female (Lexi)

*Scott R: Silver male (Summer '18)

*Clint B: Silver male or female via phone

*Amanda H: Silver female

*Autumn W: Silver (December)

*Mikki Rae: Silver male (Lexi or early 2018)

*Tylor M: Silver female

*Jennifer O: Silver or champagne female

*Jessica S: Silver or Charcoal female

*Renee B: Silver female

*Steven M: Charcoal/Silver large male

*Alexis I: Silver male (Spring '18)

*Sheila G: Yellow female

*Janelle R: Silver male

*Tiffany Amber A: Silver female

*Jennie F: Silver or charcoal male

*Tori M: via phone

*Brooke L: Charcoal or silver female 

*Paul H: Charcoal male

*Tricia L: Chocolate female Spring '18

*Ashley T: Silver

*Jessie Cruise: Yellow or chocolate female Spring '18

*Blake and Hannah Tarvin: Yellow female


***Breeder reserves the right to first pick from any litter for any reason.***

*Bella x Dakota*

Puppies born June 4th, 2017

Take home starts July 23rd, 2017

*2nd pick yellow female: Judy B (deposit accepted)

*1st pick charcoal female: Pete B and Gina (deposit accepted)

*1st pick chocolate female: Judy B (deposit accepted)

*2nd pick chocolate female: Eleonora T (Paid In Full)

*2nd pick yellow male: AVAILABLE

*Lexi x River*

Puppies born June 7th, 2017

Take home starts July 26th, 2017

*1st pick female: Brian D (deposit accepted-owes $423.50)

*1st pick male: Tami B (deposit accepted)

*2nd pick male: Derek S. (Paid In Full)

*Benelli x Dakota*

Puppies due June 12th, 2017

Take home starts July 31st, 2017

*1st pick yellow/champagne female: Madison R (deposit accepted-$9 fee)

*2nd pick yellow/champagne female: Francis K (deposit accepted)

1st pick chocolate female: Deb F (Paid In Full)

*2nd pick chocolate female: Sindy K (deposit accepted)

1st pick silver female: Susanne R (Paid In Full)

2nd pick silver female: Karen E (deposit accepted)

1st pick yellow/champagne male: Olivia B (deposit accepted)

2nd pick yellow/champagne male: Tracy Y (deposit accepted)

1st pick chocolate male: Allison K (deposit accepted-paid $9 over)-phone

1st pick black male: AVAILABLE

*2nd pick black male: AVAILABLE

1st pick silver male: Brad & Lisa H (deposit accepted)

Jade x Chase

Born June 14th, 2017

Take home starts August 2nd, 2017

*1st pick chocolate female: Shelby P (Paid In Full)

2nd pick chocolate female: Beverly B (deposit accepted)

*3rd pick chocolate female: Katie W (deposit accepted)

*4th pick chocolate female: AVAILABLE

*1st pick black male: AVAILABLE

*2nd pick black male: AVAILABLE