Silver Family Farm Labs

Available Puppies/Waiting List


*New visiting policy*

No visitors allowed for puppy visits due to COVID 19 until further notice prior to puppy take home day.

Also, please keep in mind that we do have 5 very active children in multiple activities and work outside our home other then raising puppies, so we may not be able to answer every phone call or email right away. Email and Facebook is the quickest way for me to respond back to you.  Thank you!​​​​​​


Piper x Dakota

Born 5-5-22

Take home starts 6-23-22

*2nd pick Black M: Chris Lawrence

*Champage M: Robin Bea Runde pending

​*Silver M: Laura Morande-$100 accepted

Marley x Dakota

Due 7/2022

All 6 colors can be produced

Due to the crazy amount of names and​ I have been getting on my non-deposit waiting list, I am now only taking names for my waiting list with a $100 non-refundable fee to be added. The $100 fee can be put towards your deposit/puppy when one is available. It has been a full time job hunting people down and waiting for people to respond that I don't have time for anymore. Thank you for understanding! I am grandfathering in all names I have currently on my non-deposit waiting list. Also please note, that the estimated time frame you are given when asking when a puppy will be available is ONLY an estimate. I wish I could be more specific but its in Mother Nature's hands and I have zero control over it. If you do have to have a puppy by a certain time of year, I recommend do not put your name on our waiting list unless you are okay with losing your $100 non-refundable waiting list fee. Thank you for understanding!

 Non Deposit Waiting List

(I no longer do non deposits but still honoring the current names I have on it)


​*Jenny Oppendahl: $300 deposit Silver M

​*Kaitlin (W) Elizabeth- Silver male ( Summer '23)​​​​​​ ​​​​​​

​*Angie S: Champagne female​​​​ (Spring '21)

*Zach Harridge: Charcoal F (1st pick next litter)​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

*Silver Linings Stock Farms (Josee Lapointe): Champagne & Silver (Tessa), Charcoal or silver M or F (Lucy)​​​​​​​​

*Amanda Goetz: Silver F (Tessa)​​​​​ 

*Robin Bea Runde: Champagne M (full)

*Susan Glasgow: Retired female or champagne F​​

​*Dejsa May: Champagne female (full registration)

*Devynn Roberts: Charcoal (Lucy)

*Robert Hansen : $100 fee paid wants to transfer fee to a friend

*Elizabeth Paton: Black F (2022)


​New $100 non-refundable waiting list fee list

​*Nate Bower: Silver ​​​​

*Beth & Steve Sjoblad: Silver or Chocolate F

*Brooke Hakert: Silver F

​*Cheri Johnson: Silver F (2022)​​

*Dennis Leininger & Kristin Mason: Charcoal, maybe silver F

​*Stacy Dillon: Silver F

*Brian & Angie Bond: Chocolate or Charcoal F​​​​

​*Mason Wenker: Silver F​​


*Michael Trouba: Silver F-Paid $500 deposit

​*Michelle Hosbergen: Silver​​

*Brad Canfield: Chocolate F (Spring '22)​​

*Karen Joseph: Chocolate, Charcoal, Silver F​​

​*Brandon Mahlstedt (Lauren Lecocq): Charcoal F

​*Amber Jordan: Yellow F​​

*Jimmy Howard: Yellow or Black M-paid $300 (After July 2022)

​*Christine Strickler: Silver F​​

***Breeder reserves the right to first pick from any litter for any reason.***