*Color: SF Black

*Genotype: EeBbDd

*Weight: 65 lbs.

*OFA prelim hips: Good

*OFA prelim hips: Normal

​*Embark Panel: Clear

***Dakota is offered as a stud***

Message me for further details

Marley is a 3 year old sf yellow female who will throw all colors when paired with our Dakota. She is a super friendly, well-mannered girl. She loves all of our farm animals especially our farm cat. We are excited for her to join our program Spring '22.

We purchased Ali from a lab breeder who was getting out of the lab breeding business. We have known Ali for a couple years because she would come to our kennel and use our male Dakota for her breedings. They have produced some really great pups. Paired together, they can produce the splash marking pups. She is a very sweet girl and absolutely loves adventures and being a part of our family now. She loves her babies and our children.



*Color: SF Yellow

*Genotype: eeBbDd

*Weight: 70 lbs.

Willow is our 3 year old sf black female from Sterling Creek Labradors in Southern Oklahoma. She has a super sweet and gentle personality. She loves our other dogs and is a great mom to her puppies. When paired with Dakota, Willow can have the 6 different colors.

We purchased Jersey from a breeder who was getting out of the lab breeding business. We have known Jersey for a couple years now since she has been coming to our kennel to use our stud Dakota for her breedings. They have produced some amazing puppies. Paired together, they can have the 6 different colors. Jersey has an amazing temperament and is just a lover of her babies and our family.

Winter Rose is our 1 1/2 year old white female from Louisiana Silver Labradors. She is a lover of everyone she meets and loves to run and play around the farm. When paired with Dakota, she can have all the colors.

Piper is our 3 year old female from Royal Blu Kennels. She is a lover of our kids and ready to explore and see what all the world has to offer. Her and Dakota can throw all 6 different colors.


*​Color: SF Yellow

*Genotype: eeBbDd

*Weight: 70 lbs

*OFA Hips: Good

*OFA Elbows: Normal

*Centronuclear Myopathy: Clear

*Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

*EIC: Clear

*Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis: Clear

*Macular Corneal Dystrophy: Clear

*PRA-PRC: Clear

*RD/OSD: Clear


Lucy is from our very own Aspen (now retired) x Dakota. She is our new up and coming female here at Silver Family Farm Labs. She has a gentle soul and is a lover of everyone especially the kids. 


*Color: sf black

*Genotype: EeBbDd

*Weight: 60 lbs.

*OFA: Good hips

*OFA: Normal elbows

​*Embark Panel Clear

Puppy Parents

Silver Family Farm Labs

​Nora is our new up and coming chocolate female. She came from a local family who had one litter and I just couldn't pass up on one of these pups! Nora's parents are a silver mom and a yellow dad. I am so excited to see what all has in store for this girl! She is a lover of all our kids, other dogs and our inside cat Poco. She loves car rides except when its time to go see Dr. Beth. :) 


Color: Silver (dilute chocolate)

​Genotype: EEbbdd

​Weight: 55 lbs.

Nora Allen~

*Color: Chocolate

*Genotype: EebbDd

*Weight: 55 lbs.

*OFA prelim hips: Good

*OFA prelim elbows: Normal

*Embark Panel: Clear

Dakota is our 5 year old male AKC registered silver (dilute chocolate) Labrador Retriever. We search country wide for him and he came to us from Ohio. He absolutely loves our children. He loves going to the lake and jumping around in the water. Dakota is considered an 'improvement' lab with his parents being a sf yellow and silver. He will be able to produce the 3 standard colors along with the 3 dilute colors. We are so happy to have him as our new stud who can bring us into all the colors. A few of the titled names on his pedigree are CH Bonaventure's On The Lookout, CH Rockeby Rainmaker, CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH, CH Bonaventure's Grace Under Fire, CH Teracroft's Home Run CD JK and CH Spice Of Life's Antigua Lace.

*Check out our Facebook page under the Dakota album to see pictures of him growing up!


*Color: SF Yellow

*Genotype: eeBbDd

*Weight: 57 lbs.

*OFA Prelim hips: fair

*OFA Prelim elbows: normal

*EIC: Carrier, not affected

*Embark panel: Clear


Winter Rose~

*Color: White

*Genotype: eeBbDd

*Weight: 55 lbs

*OFA prelim hips: Good

​*Embark Panel: Pending


Color: Silver (dilute chocolate)

Genotype: Eebbdd (carries yellow)

Weight: 75lbs.

*2015 OFA prelim hips: Excellent

*2015 OFA prelim elbows: Normal

*2014 OFA eye certification: LR-EYE4786/5M-VPI

*PennHIP: >90%

*EIC: Clear

*DM: Clear

*CNM: Clear

*prcd-PRA: Clear

*RD/OSD: Clear

*Cystinuria: Clear

*Hyperuricosuria: Clear

*Myotubular Myopathy X-Linked: Clear

*Narcolespy: Clear

*Long Hair Gene: Clear

*K locus: Carrier